About Us

Our Bakery produces sweet and savory pastries along with some incredible gluten free and vegan options. We make everything from scratch, each item is hand crafted in our kitchen.

Our mission is to serve the Upstate as the premier provider of wholesale pastries to local cafes and restaurants.

Behind the Name

There is a greater narrative happening around us that we aren’t even aware of. Like in a movie, when two characters daily lives/struggles are juxtaposed until they finally meet. Prior to meeting, neither one knew the other existed and then it seems that each individual’s life experiences coincidentally prepared them for this moment.

Our pains and joys are weaving an intricate story that is both broken and beautiful. If we are looking we can see the “coincidences” happening every day. Often times, we are so caught up in managing our day to day problems that we are blinded to the bigger story of what is really happening around us.

Our pain is not meaningless, if we allow the brokenness we experience in this life to transform us into greater beings that can bless and comfort others in their pain. You matter in the great narrative. You are seen, every sparrow, and every lilly are seen by the One who is writing this unique story.

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